Laurie Ann Stein, DDS

“The DPLT has been invaluable in helping make everyday decisions in my practice. There are many fine line questions that arise every day during patient care, and they are always willing to listen and advise when appropriate. The other spectrum of DPLT is their unending help with other resources such as insurance coverage business and personal, patient handouts, credit card processing, and pretty much any other aspect of doing business. In short, if you aren’t taking advantage of some of what DPLT has to offer, you are missing out.”

Louis R. Gerken, DDS

“I have participated in The Trust since their establishment in 1987, and value their competent, professional staff, their reasonable rates, and their sound business practices. They have built a wonderful reputation for serving and protecting Colorado dentists! Their coverage cannot be beat!”

Gerald B. Savory, DDS

“I would be happy to share with my colleagues that my participation in the Trust over the past 25 years has been a consistent source of security, comfort, predictability and stability for my dental practice. I rest a little easier knowing that the folks at the Trust have engineered a liability safety net that provides excellent protection for my practice and family assets. I cannot imagine practicing without this critical coverage.”