Dr. Lindsey Cosper

“It’s so nice to have a support system such as the Trust to help navigate through a situation. I greatly appreciate what you do to support dentists like myself throughout the entire state. Thank you, Thank you!”

20+ Year Trust Member

“Last year was the most difficult and stressful year I have had since I have been in the practice of dentistry. It is actually very hard for me to put down in words what the whole litigation experience is like. Let’s just say, I never want to go through another. But briefly, I am so thankful to have had Dr. Candace DeLapp, Dr. Randy Kluender and Tom (Trust attorney) with me through the process. I don’t think I would still be practicing if it wasn’t for the DPLT.”

Dr. Jenna Nicholson

“I have been working with the Trust for a total of 5 years. They have made it very easy to reach out for advice and are always protecting the dentist. They are a valuable resource and are consistently professional. The rates are very reasonable but more importantly, the resources and support you are getting by becoming a Member of the Trust is invaluable.”

Richard L. Murray, Jr. Hall & Evans, LLC

“Here’s my experience with The Dentists Professional Liability Trust as one of its defense attorneys: it exclusively uses seasoned dentists as claim professionals, so they know the dentistry, provide excellent assistance to legal counsel, and understand the emotional toll of having a patient sue, even though you’ve done your best. The Trust provides sound, honest advice to avoid or resolve conflicts; it arranges immediate legal help for insureds if complaints are made to the Colorado Dental Board; and if litigation is unavoidable, it lends thoughtful, steady support. It is a superior insurer.”

Dr. Lindsay Compton

“I brag to my friends in other states about the tremendous advantage Colorado dentists have with the Trust. I have more confidence knowing that a group of dentists are supporting me and looking out for my best interests and my practice. I’m assured knowing that I can call them anytime, with any question, and I’m able to talk to an actual practicing dentist. I feel like the Trust cares for me and my practice.”

Nicholas D. Shumaker, DDS

“The Trust is one of our state’s most unique and beneficial resources for Colorado dentists and dental specialists. It offers exceptional value and excellent representation coupled with a very professional and knowledgeable staff who are always willing to offer advice and resources to ensure optimal risk management for our practices.”