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No Child under the age of 12 should snore. If they do, they me be suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. Children can be misdiagnosed with ADHD when in fact they have OSA. Common symptoms of OSA in children are: Sleep in abnormal positions, snore loudly and often, stop breathing, sweat during sleep, behavioral problems. Restless sleep. Headaches in the am and bed wetting. As a dentist some of the oral signs you may notice are: mouth breathing, chapped lips, exaggerated gag reflex and dark circles around their eyes. We as dentists, see our patients more frequently than MD’s do so we can screen and refer to sleep specialists. We can CURE KIDS with OSA with early treatment (tonsillectomy and max expansion with forward maxillary growth) but adults we can only treat. So, Keep your eyes open!!!