There are many differences between being a member of The Trust and not just another premium and policy number. Here’s a few:

  • First and foremost, we believe It’s Personal. You have direct access to a local, licensed Colorado Dentist. Have a question, call and let’s talk. We’ll help manage and mitigate patient incidents before they escalate into a formal claim or complaint. We’re here to help.
  • Our focus is our members! The Trust is member-owned and not for-profit. You can expect stable annual premiums. In fact, we have returned over $2.2 million dollars to our members.
  • You are represented by your peers giving you direct input and contact. This access is critical to the success of The Trust and the individual practices we insure. Input from member dentists ensures The Trust remains relevant and engaged with your practice by offering the coverage and protection you want and need.
  • New Graduates – Welcome to the profession of dentistry. The Trust would like to support you as you begin to build your practice by providing you coverage for the first year with a premium of $0! Contact us for details.
  • Been in practice for a few years and not with The Trust? Contact us about our favorable conversion rates!
  • The Trust provides all members limited State Board defense coverage in the amount of $25,000 per incident. This coverage is included with your base.
  • If you do have an incident or claim, The Trust engages some of the best legal representation in Colorado. Knowledgeable and personable, these attorneys represent your interests. They get results!


J. Gregory Mann, DDS Durango President, Trustee
Gerald A. Branes, DDS Lamar Vice President, Trustee
James B. Monk, DDS Louisville Treasurer, Trustee
Ryan Cable, DDS Denver Secretary, Trustee
Neil D. Schoemaker, DDS Ft. Morgan Immediate Past President, Trustee
Harold R. Christiansen, DDS Aurora Trustee
Nicole M. Ferrara, DDS Loveland Trustee
Richard A. Hurd, DDS Grand Junction Trustee
Todd Pickle, DDS, MS Colorado Springs Trustee
Benjamin Ricketts, DDS, MSD Aurora Trustee
R. J. Schultz, DDS Pueblo Trustee
Amy Rosinsky, DDS Denver Trustee
Kami Marr, DDS Greeley Trustee
Sarah Parsons, DDS Highlands Ranch Trustee
Lonnie Johnson, DDS, PhD   Ex-officio, U of C School of Dental Medicine
Greg Hill, JD   Ex-officio, Executive Director, Colorado Dental Association
Randy Kluender, DDS, MS   Berkley Risk, Executive Director
H. Candace DeLapp, DDS   Berkley Risk, Associate Executive Director