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Risk Management
The Trust provides personal assistance to its members by a dentist to help manage and mitigate patient incidents before it escalates into a formal claim or Complaint. 


Claim Counsel
In addition to providing members direct contact with a dentist trained in handling dental claims, the Trust engages with some of the best legal representation in the State of Colorado.  If you have a claim, you will find the attorneys engaged to represent your interests are personable, fully knowledgeable of all phases of dentistry and very result-oriented.


Education and Training
The Trust has developed a variety of risk management programs for our members.  We will work with you to schedule the needed training presentation for you personally or a larger group.  The Trust is also actively engaged in the dental community sharing our knowledge of hot topics involving professional liability at industry events and conventions. 


Agency Services
We can help if you would like to package your other business insurance needs with your Trust liability coverage.  Our partnership with our trusted administrator, Berkley Risk Services of Colorado allows us to assist you with placement of other coverages including Business Owners, Workers' Compensation, Employees Practices, Commercial, Health, Disability, Life, Auto and Property. 

Please contact Berkley Risk Services at 303-357-2600 or 877-502-0100 or denver@berkleyrisk.com to learn more.



The Trust is one of our state's most unique and beneficial resources for Colorado dentists and dental specialists. It offers exceptional value and excellent representation coupled with a very professional and knowledgeable staff who are always willing to offer advice and resources to ensure optimal risk management for our practices.

Nicholas D. Shumaker, DDS


I have participated in The Trust since their establishment in 1987, and value their competent, professional staff, their reasonable rates, and their sound business practices. They have built a wonderful reputation for serving and protecting Colorado dentists! Their coverage cannot be beat!

Louis R. Gerken, DDS


The Dentists Professional Liability Trust of Colorado is an invaluable tool for practice; as necessary and as important as any office instrument or apparatus. The safeguards, support and even the education the Trust provides for its members can often go unseen, but it is there and on every level of expertise when needed.

Robert O. Greer, DDS, Oral Pathologist, University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine


Dr. Nate Reynolds represents the Dentists Professional Liability Trust with complete professionalism. He responds quickly to our requests for feedback. Knowledgeable, personal and helpful advice is his trademark. Dr. Reynolds and the DPLT are a valuable resource to our practice.

Anthony F. Girardi DDS, Endodontist


The Dentists Professional Liability Trust of Colorado was established by dentists, for dentists as a company that not only provides malpractice coverage for Colorado Dental Association members but also has personal service to address member concerns efficiently and accurately. Coverage by the Trust is reserved exclusively for CDA members. The Trust provides unmatched customer service where dentists can make a simple phone call to get their questions or concerns addressed by a liability experienced dentist. In addition, the Trust Board is comprised of dentists who not only share your values and concerns, but make them a priority. As a CDA member, there is no reason to seek coverage anywhere else but the Trust.

Quinn R. Dufurrena, DDS, Executive Director Colorado Dental Association


The Trust serves as a very valuable asset to its member dentists. Over many years working with the Trust administration, I have been impressed with the Trust's commitment to fulfilling its fiduciary duty to its member dentists. The Trust exercises competent discretion in handling claims, always with the best interests of its members as a priority, i.e., whether to settle a claim or provide a vigorous defense to meritless claims through trial. With respect to State Dental Board matters, the Trust directs counsel to assist member dentists with responding to State Board inquiries or patient complaints to minimize or eliminate adverse consequences to the dentist's license to practice. The Trust provides valuable information to its members on best business practices, including risk management, to minimize claims. It also provides up to date literature to its members on areas of practice or dental procedures that are proving to create a higher risk of lawsuits and ways to practice to reduce such risks. I highly recommend the Trust to any dentist practicing in Colorado as a necessary protection in our litigious business environment.

Miles Dewhirst, Attorney, Dewhirst & Dolven, LLP


When I first moved to Colorado, I felt like I was ok utilizing the company that had been introduced to me before my move. My husband was already utilizing Berkley Risk for his professional liability needs. I never really needed anything or had any questions regarding patient issues. The first time I had an issue I called my company and was given the run around. I really needed some advice about a patient. My husband told me to call Nathan Reynolds. I was a little hesitant because I didn't have any coverage with Berkley Risk and I didn't want to take advantage of anyone. Nathan Reynolds was so kind and answered all of my questions as if I was one of his clients. From that day forward I vowed that I would not use anyone but Nathan Reynolds and all of the other kind people at Berkley Risk. I will be a client FOREVER!!!

Falona Glenn, DDS


The DPLT has been invaluable in helping make everyday decisions in my practice. There are many fine line questions that arise every day during patient care, and they are always willing to listen and advise when appropriate. The other spectrum of DPLT is their unending help with other resources such as insurance coverage business and personal, patient handouts, credit card processing, and pretty much any other aspect of doing business. In short, if you aren't taking advantage of some of what DPLT has to offer, you are missing out.

Laurie Ann Stein, DDS


As members of the Trust for a combined 23 years, we have found the availability of the staff to give guidance about awkward or litigious patient situations indispensable in helping us 'sleep well'. Likewise, Trust membership is amazingly more affordable than alternative providers. Knowing the Board and staff personally give us increased confidence that we're making the right choice. We don't know what we'd do without the Dentists Professional Liability Trust of Colorado!

James C. Eich, DDS
Coleman R. Eich, DDS


We are very pleased with the relationship we have with Dr. Reynolds. He is easily accessible and puts our mind at ease when we are in a concerning situation. He offers appropriate advice on how to handle those situations and is also a good resource in the area of risk management. We appreciate his genuine concern for the health of dentists and their practices.

Margery Szczerba-Jarve, DDS
Naomi Beth Jacobs, DDS


Fortunately, dentists don't get sued very frequently, but for over two decades, I've had the privilege of representing Dentists Professional Liability Trust insureds when they do. I know that the Trust does a superb job, when appropriate, of resolving claims before suit is ever filed. When litigation does occur, the Trust provides excellent support for its dentists and their counsel. If trial is the appropriate option, the Trust is unswerving in its commitment to success. As to the "people part," Colorado dentists are fortunate to have Dr. Nathan Reynolds manage their professional liability issues. His good judgment, sound advice, and steady hand, have benefited many.

Rick Murray, Attorney, Hall & Evans, LLP


I would be happy to share with my colleagues that my participation in the Trust over the past 25 years has been a consistent source of security, comfort, predictability and stability for my dental practice.  I rest a little easier knowing that the folks at the Trust have engineered a liability safety net that provides excellent protection for my practice and family assets.  I cannot imagine practicing without this critical coverage.

Gerald B. Savory, DDS


I have been a participant in the Dentists Professional Liability Trust of Colorado since the very beginning. I always take comfort in knowing that they are helping me navigate these challenging times. As a participant, you get a feeling that the Trust is not just an insurance company, but a colleague.

Calvin Utke, DDS


When calling "The Trust" I am able to talk to or have a call returned within 24 hours by Dr. Reynolds.  He has practical experience in private practice and compassion for our concerns as Dentists and business owners.  His guidance alone is invaluable.

Geoff Engelhardt, DDS


The Trust has been a very important part of my practice. Whenever a complicated patient management situation arises, the Trust is always willing to offer advice on the best way to manage the patient and they do so with a calming, reassuring presence. I can't see practicing without the support of the Trust.

Mark Blue, DDS, Periodontist

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