It’s Just a Text

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by Dr. Candace DeLapp Texting has become more common as a means of communication. It’s easy and convenient for all parties. However, it is not without pitfalls. Below are a couple of situations you need to know about texting and malpractice claims. A patient texts you or your office with “a quick question.”  Avoid the… Read more »

Plastic Implant Impression Copings

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By Dr. Todd Pickle I am sure you have never had a situation where two or more implants are either too close together or angled into each other to the point that you cannot get the metal impression copings on at the same time.  But if this ever does happen, I have found the best… Read more »

Polytetrafluoroethylene, or Teflon tape, or Plumbers Tape!

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By Dr. Todd Pickle Polytetrafluoroethylene is a truly amazing material used in many industries and has lots of uses in dentistry and everyday life! The #1 best use in Dentistry:  Closing screw access holes in implant abutments, crowns and hybrids prostheses!  PTFE is very hydrophobic and does not collect microorganisms like cotton pellets or retraction… Read more »

I Have an Upset Patient…Now What?

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By Dr. Sarah D. Parsons Dentistry is personal. It’s personal to us because we put our heart and soul into treating patients and growing our business.  We have dedicated our life’s work to cultivate our dental practices. But, there is a patient that is unhappy. A variety of reasons can make a patient unhappy. There… Read more »